Michael Dadoun
Michael Dadoun, Montreal based company's CEO, displays the right mix of humility and confidence. He delegates tasks with ease and is an expert in extracting the maximum output from his employees. Perhaps, that’s why he is a popular and successful entrepreneur.  

Michael co-founded UpClick.com, which provides excellent internet solutions. He resides in Montreal, Canada. Michael is also the Principal of Solaria Fund.

He is motivated and motivates you

Spend some time with this man and you will be motivated to the core. He is a truly infectious personality. Michael’s enthusiasm touches you and makes you want to do something great in life. Michael was not born a CEO, but he made himself a successful CEO by inculcating certain traits in himself and by using his talents in the most skillful manner.

He has devoted himself completely to UpClick. Of course, he has a personal and social life too, but when he does business, he means it. Yet another admirable quality in him is his right selection of people for his organization. The people of your company should share your goal and enthusiasm. Only then can you expect the desired productivity.

Michael’s beliefs

Michael Dadoun, Montreal based businessperson, believes that employees have the power to shape an organization’s future. If chosen right, they can become assets of your company. If chosen wrong, they can become a liability and one of the reasons for a company’s failure.

According to Michael, quality of customer service of a business is directly related to its workforce. If workforce is motivated, it shows in how they deal with customers.
Michael’s team is goal-oriented, motivated, skilled, and diligent. There is hardly a need to mention that the team delivers excellent results, as UpClick’s performance shows it all. Michael has invested his team and energy in creating an intelligent team that is eager to perform and willing to put their best foot forward.

It is no surprise that, under the leadership of Michael Dadoun, UpClick is one of the best providers of e-solutions today in the world of digital marketing.

Qualities that make Michael what he is today

Michael has a strong ability to judge people. He makes quick and intelligent decisions. He displays a high IQ and EQ. He is supportive, approachable, good listener, pro-active, diligent, strategic, and a great leader.

He treats his subordinates with respect and gives them a chance to voice their opinions. He encourages everybody in the company to participate in important decision-making processes. This opens doors for better ideas.

Michael has a commendable quality to motivate people and infuse zeal in them. This plays an important role in pushing a company to success. Michael has a knack to find out novel ways to do things. This is yet another reason that his employees sustain their zealous attitude, as there is almost always something interesting going on in the organization.

Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based UpClick's CEO, is flexible in his leadership. He does not believe in making rigid rules, as according to him, it can break down the very foundation of a company. Rigidity does not work, but what works is the constant evolvement of a company.

Lily Joshu

15 Feb 2014 - 05:07 am

Michael Dadoun UpClick co-founder, helped set up the site and contributed toward its growth as an amazing tool for online marketers and retailers. For this, I am really grateful because I use the site to maintain my online business. Michael Dadoun, Montreal, also knows lots about the ecommerce terrain and I’m looking forward to hearing more about him.

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