Michael Dadoun
Rapidly changing technology, fast evolving business processes, shifting consumer preferences, and tougher competition have made it imperative for a modern organization to be led by a competent leader. Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal, Canada based e-commerce solution provider UpClick.

He is a dynamic leader whose collaborative and participate approach to management has done wonders for the organization he heads in a very short period of time. He enjoys complete trust and loyalty of his employees, which has made his task of taking his organization to newer heights a significantly easier one.

Some leaders are born while others develop these qualities over time. In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important characteristics that leaders of any modern organization must possess to be able to successfully lead it.

Great Leaders Fix Problems Rather than Fixing Blame

Modern organizations operate in a highly uncertain business environment fraught with a large number of risks like capital risk, economic risk, competitor risk, and many others. Under such circumstances, expecting a leader to hit the bull’s eye every time will be a foolish thing to do.

Good leaders understand that they cannot get it right all the time. What separates them from the mediocre leaders is their ability of acknowledging their mistakes and making a fresh start. They never fall into the trap of shifting blame elsewhere to make their record look impeccable.

Michael Dadoun the CEO of Montreal, Canada based e-commerce solution provider Upclick, is a leader who does not suffer from grandeur delusions of self-worth and infallibility. He acknowledges his mistakes and knows that he like any other human being cannot be 100 per cent right at all times.

He is a leader who is more interested in fixing problems rather than fixing blames. He promotes a culture of learning and innovation in his organization. His employees know that mistakes made in conquest of learning new things will not form a basis for punishment.
High Performance Leaders Develop their Subordinates

The best way to learn is by doing things. Exceptional leaders understand this and, more importantly, put it into practice. These people build a team of superstars capable of taking on any challenge and handling any situation with calm and confidence.

Subordinates learn this invaluable skill from their leader who is never insecure or afraid of delegating authority. Excellent leaders ensure that the people working under them are regularly being challenged to grow and learn.

They build an organizational culture where a sense of innovativeness and doing the same thing differently is greatly valued and encouraged. The employees of such an organization embrace challenges rather than running away from them.

Michael Dadoun is A Leader who has immense belief in the abilities and capabilities of his employees. He strongly believes that new methods and ways of doing things keep the workers on their toes.

Modern organizations operate in a complex business environment. A CEO has to deal with complicated issues and complex challenges on a regular basis. Leaders like Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick, are flexible and can adapt better to the changing circumstances.

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