Michael Dadoun
Leadership is often defined as the ability of a person to influence a group of people to work towards the achievement of a common goal or objective. Great leaders have a vision and the skills to effectively communicate that vision to their subordinates. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based payment processing company UpClick, is a visionary leader who gets things done because his employees believe in his truthfulness, sincerity, and dedication.

A leader to be successful in a modern organizational set up has to be an excellent motivator. Motivated employees are always willing to give their best to the organization. This results in exceptional services or products for the organization that ultimately leads to increased consumer loyalty and strong brand awareness.

However, motivating employees is easier than done because different employees are motivated by different things. Some employees may be motivated by financial rewards while others may derive satisfaction from recognition. The trick for a good leader is to identify the factors that motivate his employees and use those to good effect.

Some important characteristics that modern leaders must possess to successfully lead their organization are as following:

Good Listening Skills

Good listening skills are as important as good communication skills for a modern leader to effectively carry out their job. CEOs who treasure the sound of their own voice over everything else are bound to fail sooner than later.

Great leaders lay more emphasis on building a better organization rather than a bigger organization. This can be only achieved if they value the opinions and judgments of their subordinates. Poor leaders suffer from the delusion that they know everything and know it better than others. This often leads to grievous errors in judgment, often with devastating consequences for the organization.
Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based e-commerce solution provider UpClick, is an excellent listener. He knows his capabilities as well as his limitations. He never makes tall claims of knowing everything or everything, or knowing better than other people. His good listening abilities coupled with his problem solving skills have done wonders for his organization.                                                                                                  

Good leaders understand that they are as good (or bad) as their organization. Steve Jobs was known for being the CEO of Apple Corp while Apple was known for being headed by someone like Steve Jobs.

Truly acclaimed leaders believe in their ability and intelligence. They do not want to be the center of attention each and every time. Secure in the belief that their subordinates love, trust, and respect them, they deflect praise and credit to others. They know that any achievement or accomplishment on the part of their employees reflects positively on their own leadership skills.

Michael Dadoun is a leader in the spotlight due to for his superior leadership skills.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based fast growing internet company UpClick, is a committed and sincere leader who always strives to bring out the best in his employees. A true leader of the people, he wants nothing but the best for his clients and organization.

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