Michael Dadoun
A good leader needs to have a vision and a purpose. They must know the factors that drive organizations towards effortlessly achieving their goals, mission, and objectives. Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal based payment processing company, UpClick. He is a strong and decisive leader who knows his organization, employees, and the market well.

Most of the academicians, theorists, and the leaders themselves believe that the ability to think strategically is most important skill that separates successful leaders from non-successful ones.

This is understandable since the competition in the marketplace has become intense and leaders continuously need to come with innovative ideas of beating competition and attraction consumers’ attention. Great leaders are the ones with a vision and a strong sense of purpose.

Truly accomplished leaders ensure that the relentless pursuit of success does not make them oblivious to the realities and feelings of their employees. They can be demanding but careful enough not to push their subordinates to the brink. The vision they have can only be achieved with the right resources and active cooperation of their employees.

Micahel Dadoun is a flexible and realistic leader who values the opinions and suggestions of his employees. He is a visionary who has this uncanny ability of thinking ahead of time and adopts a proactive approach towards problem solving.

Life at the top is lonely and, contrary to popular belief, far from being easy. You are continuously knocked about by the press, customers, and stakeholders. There is nowhere to hide and you have to take responsibility for your decisions.

Under such challenging circumstances, a leader can hope to be successful if he has the following qualities apart from the above mentioned two.

A leader in order to successfully lead a modern organization must have:


Modern leaders have to be risk takers. Period. You cannot duck your head under the sand like an ostrich and pretend everything is hunky-dory. Leaders need to have the courage to take risks and make quick decisions.

A decision that a leader has made may be worth its weight in gold or it may boomerang. There is no assurance of success but that does not mean that you refrain altogether from taking risks.

Business, like life, can be pretty uncertain. In this age of internet and complex business environment, the only thing that is constant is change. Every decision or commitment leaders make involves a certain degree of risks. Some decisions may pay off while others may go awry. This goes with the territory and successful leaders completely understand this.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada based UpClick, is a courageous leader who is never afraid of taking calculated risks. This trait has helped him to stand out from the crowd.

Excellent Team Management Techniques

Successful leaders know that teams play an important role in improving the productivity and effectiveness of an organization. Teams generate synergy by coordinating the efforts of the individual members.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick, has excellent team management techniques. He truly and fully understands that the goals and objectives of the organization can be best met by efforts of employees working as a team.


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