Michael Dadoun
One of the most sought-after qualities of a good leader is being a change agent. Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based company's CEO, enables his subordinates to get accustomed to change processes that are essential to accomplish organizational goals.

Leader with remarkable foresightedness

He is a visionary leader of UpClick, a Montreal-based payment processing company. He is highly passionate about growth of his company and well being of employees.

He has an outstanding ability to create a friendly atmosphere in organization and supports his subordinates to be able to assume positions of higher responsibilities.

Organization is driven towards preconceived goal by strong leaders, who ensure that every employee works towards achieving set objectives.

Shared goals are easy to achieve with power of teamwork and that is exactly what Michael Dadoun is adept at.

He is a charismatic leader with deep sense of humanity and compassion. His employees hold him in high esteem and are full of praise for this new-age CEO at UpClick.

His reliability as a leader is born out of his integrity as well as consistency. He strongly feels employees must progress with organization and strives to create a fertile environment for his workforce to progress.

Involving employees in policy decisions    

Policy decisions as well as decision making is usually a domain of higher management. Junior management and other employees are expected to implement policies and processes designed by senior management.

Modern-age workforce is highly educated and possesses excellent proficiency and intellect. Their resourcefulness must be made use of in the decision making process.

New-age employees also possess technological expertise. Therefore, it is prudent to take their ideas and views into account for improvement of processes.

He believes in free and open management where opinions and suggestions of subordinates are valued. He tries to get his employees involved in the process of decision making, so that everybody has ownership of the decisions that are made.

Fierce competition and newer challenges have made field of e-commerce highly complex and unpredictable. This is where supple leadership style of Michael Dadoun Montreal makes the difference.

With his sharp business acumen and excellent vision, he has efficiently made UpClick a highly regarded as well as successful e-commerce organization.
Flexibility and openness to new concepts

Leaders with rigidity of views and lack of new ideas can lead to stunted growth of organization. Many enterprises are forced into oblivion, due to traditionalist leadership.

Leaders must, therefore, be always open to change, especially in e-commerce sector. They must always keep a close watch on requirements of clients and try to evolve products to satisfy their needs.

He is a constant learner and always keeps himself updated regarding latest developments in the ever changing domain of e-commerce. His resilient personality and broad outlook has helped UpClick stay ahead of competition.

Michael Dadoun, CEO at UpClick, a leading payment processing company, takes challenges and threats in his own stride. He has developed a sharp acumen for e-commerce business through years of relevant experience.

He is instrumental in creating a fiercely competitive and motivated workforce. His composed and friendly personality makes everyone feel at ease.

Michael Dadoun Montreal, CEO at UpClick, a reputable e-commerce organization, has been a force behind development of state-of-the-art payment processing solutions that are user friendly and economical.

Michael Dadoun of Upclick has addressed many issues digital merchants face by offering them state-of-the art solutions.

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